Although our award-winning C-3PO bluetooth speaker has been out for sometime the reviews for it are still coming in.

As the months go by each review just gets better and better and this latest one from Impulse Gamer is one of the very best.

Inside Gamer has been around for sometime and gained a reputation of delivering in-depth reviews, this one really does go into detail that we’ve never seen before and the team manages to mention all the best features of this amazing speaker. Everything from the packaging to the easy pairing are given the thumbs up and there’s a short video to watch too.

The review ends with this line, “I’ve been reviewing tech on Impulse Gamer for quite a long time and it’s not that often that I’m blown away, however ACWorldwide have definitely challenged me in 2017 when it comes to one of the most coolest looking speakers that I’ve had the pleasure of using.” to say we’re proud of this would be an understaement!

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