In a new series of features we have decided to chat to memorabilia collectors and ask what started them as well why they keep going. For our first we’ve chatted to Len Campey, a Business Consultancy Director from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

ACW: What’s your first memory of Star Wars?

LC: Well that great year 1977 is what I remember! My father took me too see Star Wars when I was 8 years old and seeing the intro of the Imperial Destroyer that just seemed to go on forever on the big screen was simply amazing! The movie itself was just something completely different for its time and nothing like this ever existed, for me I was totally hooked!!

ACW: What was it about the saga that grabbed you?

LC: The whole concept of good against evil is the real draw for me and having watched the movies 100’s of times now over the years  my draw is towards the dark side of the force!! The visual effects and the storyline were awesome as well.

ACW: What was the first piece of merchandise that you bought? 

LC: I started with the Kenner/Palitoy figures back in 1978 as you had to wait that long due to the popularity of the movie as Lucasfilm never envisaged that it would take off that well. I think my first purchase was Darth Vader with my pocket money! lol

ACW: Do you still have it? 

LC: Unfortunately not, as a messy separation with an ex cost me my first Star Wars collection!

ACW: Are there any pieces that you really want but struggling to find?

LC: I can normally find most things, but some stuff you have to wait to become available. At present I am struggled with one item and only this week I have seen three on sale! its just typical sometimes

ACW: Is there anything connected to Star Wars that you wouldn’t buy?

LC: I do not collect the children’s toys from the franchise as my collection only consists of adult collectables such as Hot Toys, ArtFx, Sideshow, Gentle Giant, Bandai, Figuarts and Hasbro merchandise.

ACW: What’s been your bargain purchase and which piece was your most expensive?

LC: I picked up a rare Artfx diorama set for £40.00 from a second hand shop and it is valued at over £1,000.00 in todays market! I would say my costume collection is probably the most expensive as there are over 15 screen accurate costumes I have purchased over a period of time that total around £35-£40k in total.

ACW: Do you think you’ll ever stop collecting?

LC: I think there will become a time, but with the launch of Rogue One at the end of last year there is even more merchandise now to add into my collection!I think there will be a day when I call it quits but not just yet.

ACW: Do you collect anything else?

LC: Yeah, I am also interested in Ancient History and collect costumes from that era which include Classical Greece and the Imperial Roman Era. Again Costumes and literature adorn my collection from both these time frames.

ACW: Len Campey, thank you very much.

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